Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Treats & Baskets

Here we go!

Completed birds nests

Of course we had to lick the spoons when finished and of course we got stuff on our face!

Our finished Easter treat...delicious!

Easter basket

Yesterday Jack and I had a great time making Easter treats and putting together some Easter baskets for his cousins.  The treats I found on Pinterest, you can find the recipe here.  And we decided that since Jack loves to play in the garden and watch the birds outside that we would incooporate that into creating our Easter baskets.  Here is a list of what we put in the baskets:  Cedar birdhouse with bird seed, gardening gloves, a spade, pansy plants, lettuce plants, and we couldn't forget the peas (those are Jacks favorite!), a windup bunny, a bug viewer (Jack has been enjoying catching bugs lately), and of course we will be adding some plastic eggs with goodies and our bird nests we made!  What kind of Easter baskets have you done?


We LOVE the beautiful flowers in our yard!

Henry getting some mom attention :)

Boys and sticks

Loves his Henry dog

Henry's version of "I love you too" and I will eat you!

Feeding the horses on our walk

Ashton wasn't so impressed

He didn't notice this horse checking him out!

Oh hello horsey!

"Mommy I touched it!"

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Bob double stroller!  Handles like a dream! :)

Oh and of course to finish our nature walk a couple of ducks in a neighbors pond!
Anytime we get some sunshine or just no rain, I try to get the kids out of the house.  Good for all parties involved, Ashton enjoys the motion of the stroller, Jack enjoys seeing the cows and horses, and Henry and mom enjoy stretching their legs.  Lately we've been blessed with some beautiful weather so we've been able to get out quite a bit.  And the weather is predicted to hit 70 this weekend! Woohoo...more than just a little excited for that! 

Easter crafts

Crafting with one kid can be a process, add three more to that, two of which can't craft or talk, two moms on coffee and you get quite a whirlwind!  However we had a great time at a friends house last week dying Easter eggs, painting eggs and of course making one huge mess!  I tried to get Jack to show me his finished painted eggs but he was being silly so I just went with it! :) Love that little man!

Eugene weekend getaway

Last weekend we headed down to Eugene to celebrate some family birthdays.  It was a beautiful weekend filled with relaxing, hanging with the family, checking out the park and enjoying Ashton's coo's and smiles!

Monkey bread mornings!

Lately Jack has been enjoying helping me in the kitchen.  So back at daddy's birthday he helped me make a yummy breakfast recipe I found on Pinterest.  Cream cheese stuffed monkey not on the list of healthy breakfasts for sure but it WAS daddy's birthday weekend so we had to splurge!  Totally worth it!  You can find the recipe here!
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